DeLand Florida

DeLand Florida

A guide to historic DeLand from a local's view point.

I discovered DeLand one day while meandering through the back roads of central Florida and immediately became drawn to this quaint historic small town. Now it is one of my favorite central Florida destinations. I like to chat with local shop owners, eat at a small cafe and find that special antique or collectable. I am never at a loss for things to do in Deland. Deland's historic downtown has much to offer in the way of shopping, restaurants and theater.

Things to do in DeLand Florida - Woodland blvd and Rick Ave. Historic downtown DeLand is minutes away from outdoor activities, museums, art galleries and Stetson University. DeLand Florida offers many things to do - a variety of shops and restaurants are within walking distance if you park in DeLand's historic district. Board the Train at the DeLand train station, a short drive from historic downtown and join other travelers on a railway experience to North Florida and beyond.

There are many things to do in DeLand Florida. Nearyby state parks and preservations are just a short drive and you can watch wildlife, canoe, fish, hike and camp. Things to do in DeLand Florida - strolling along woodland dr. DeLand has many different events throughout the year, including the DeLand Outdoor Art Festival in March.

DeLand Florida has an active historical society, museums and theaters including: The DeLand House Museum, African American Museum of Art, Athens Theatre, Memorial Hospital Museum, and others. Dive into history in DeLand. Antiques are easy to find with many shops in the area.

DeLand Hotels

With the wide variety of things to do in DeLand Florida you're sure to need a hotel. DeLand offers several good hotels in the area and a bed and breakfast in historic downtown DeLand Florida!

Things to do in DeLand - DeLand Hotels

DeLand Restaurants

Sample international dishes with a dash of culture - right here in DeLand Florida! You have many options when dining in DeLand. DeLand Restaurants make for a great lunch or dinner experience!

Things to do in DeLand - DeLand Restaurants

DeLand Activites

There are many things to do in DeLand and the nearby small towns of Orange City, Debary, and De Leon Springs. From Guided nature and boating tours to DeLand dinner cruises!

Things to do in DeLand - DeLand Activities
Things to do in DeLand Florida - Woodland blvd and Rick Ave.

Looking for things to do in DeLand? In today's hectic paced world we are always on the go with many things to do. Maybe a change of pace is just what you need -- Deland is the perfect place to sit back, take it all in and do nothing at all. Come visit DeLand Florida and step back to a quieter, slower, more relaxed state of mind.

DeLand Shops

Deland has a variety of shops. Everything from coin collecting to used books and doll collecting can be found in Deland's historic district.

Things to do in DeLand - DeLand Hotels

DeLand Community

Deland has a vibrant mix of businesses. Many differnt events are held in Deland year round as well as theater shows and entertainment.

Things to do in DeLand - DeLand Restaurants

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